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The Dream Team

Clare was mentally acute but had physical challenges that prevented her from writing checks legibly.  She had no children and gave power of attorney to her niece.  Her niece used the bank account to live a high lifestyle, thinking she would not get caught and that her aunt wouldn’t need ‘all that money’.  One hundred…

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Caring for parent

The Parent Trap

Addressing financial issues when a parent’s health declines Polly is getting toward the end of her career but she plans to work a while longer because, although her job is very demanding at times, she loves her work.  Her biggest concern right now is her mother.  Polly’s dad was a vice-president and he had always…

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It’s Black and White

OK. Deep breath. This is a departure from my normal kind of email and my avoidance of all things political.  I’ve been pre-occupied of late because I’ve been in the process of hiring my very first employee, and I will share more on that soon.  I’m not a big news watcher because it generally is…

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Senior man lying in hammock, smiling, close-up

Take Control

Action Reduces Anxiety  (and Boredom)! If you are not an ‘essential worker’, chances are you are doing your part to control the spread of COVID-19 by staying put. That is also a heroic act! So many people are helping in so many ways. Rather than bickering like a dysfunctional family, the world is even coming…

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Life Goes On

Staying Positive Through the Coronavirus Pandemic Life as we know it might not be the same as it was just a few weeks ago.  Major events have been canceled; most people are either panicked because they have to go out, or suffering cabin fever because they know they shouldn’t.  Coronavirus is impacting us all in…

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Moving CAN be for Wimps

#TigressTips for a smooth move In case you are one of the millions who doesn’t know, and one of the dozen or so who might care…Paper Tigress has a new home!  Our relocation just 15 minutes from Christiana Mall in Delaware, will allow a greater service radius and we continue to provide daily money management…

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Choosing Whom to Trust

Choosing Whom to Trust When it comes to choosing a Power of Attorney, you can’t be too careful Selma chose her oldest son as her Power of Attorney instead of her daughter because he lived closer.  When he used her money to invest in some ‘get rich quick’ scheme, she lost $90,000.00 and realized she…

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Assisted Banking Conundrum

Assisted Banking Conundrum Preserving security while allowing 3rd party access In my world, assisted banking is commonplace. My clients range from busy professionals who have no time to deal with the minutia behind their financial status, to elders who need protection and help in our increasingly complex, automated world. I am a daily money manager.…

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The Best Game Plan Ever!

  Best Game Plan Ever! Lessons from the Super Bowl Lii Champs The EAGLES won the Super Bowl!  The Eagles WON the Super Bowl!  I’m still pinching myself.  We’ve been to the brink so many times, only to be left bereft.  This time it happened!  They had a game plan. I’m no football analyst, but…

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Walk Away from Stress

Keep Stress from Sabotaging Your Productivity Last week I attended the AADMM (American Association of Daily Money Management) Annual Conference and came back to work with an incredible list of things that I need to implement in my business.  As I was going through my notes and making a list of action items, I began…

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