Stay on Top of Everyday Finances with Daily Money Management

Whether you are hampered by lack of time, a disability, or just need help taming your paper tiger, we can help. Paper Tigress takes the stress out of personal finance care by managing everything from bill pay to tax prep for you or your loved ones.

What IS Daily Money Management?

Paper Tigress can help with everything from keeping up with bills to getting files ready for tax season. See a general list of services below.

As members of the American Association of Daily Money Mangers, we are background checked and must adhere to a Code of Ethics.

Daily Money Management

Bill Paying & Sorting Mail

Classify all transactions, facilitate auto-pay, make out checks for signature, fill out any forms, prepare & send bill payments on time. Dispute incorrect bills.


Reconcile statements, prepare & deliver deposits. 

Manage cash needs.  Assist with online banking.

Assist with account consolidation and transferal of automated deposits.


Organization & Filing

Set up systems for managing paperwork. Organize stacks of papers. Dispose of unneeded items securely. Educate on what to keep and what to save.

Budgeting & Debt Strategies

Understand spending habits. Get a better picture. Make a plan to eliminate debt, yes, ELIMINATE!


Fraud & Scam Prevention

Reduction of junk mail. Education about phone, email & internet scams. Check credit reports. Monitor bank and credit card accounts.

Tax Readiness

Organization of documents and receipts prior to tax preparation.  Organized filing of tax paperwork.  Payment of tax bills with proper forms.

Legacy Organization & Documentation

Our Legacy of Love Program(TM) helps organize affairs so your loved ones won’t struggle needlessly when you die.



Assist with annual plan enrollment.  Filing & monitoring medical claims. Advocate when errors occur. Assist with entitlement programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  


Coordination with CPA, lawyer, financial advisor, and others. Provide referral choices for any services you may need.

What Does Stress-Free Personal Finance Look Like?

See what our clients have to say!

I have known Janis for a number of years. We attend the same church, so I have observed her as she has been involved in various volunteer church activities. She did an especially outstanding job in her time as Financial Secretary of the church. Janis is very conscientious and diligent in whatever she is doing and is a very hard worker. Her character is beyond reproach. I believe that she would strive to do the very best she could, applying the highest moral and ethical standards, for every client that she works with.  –T.B., Finance Committee

“Also, I want you to know that I appreciate very much your having [client] as one of your clients. I am sure her case is perhaps more of a challenge than some of your other customers. This is a rough period for her especially since I am away for the winter. However, your interest and guidance mean a great deal to her and especially to me.”  —B.L., POA

Many thanks for your help w/ the tax information for [client]. The return will be filed on time and there is no balance due!!!!!

Client’s CPA

“Thanks, Janis. I’m already breathing easier …”

Joan N.

“You really have made my life livable.  You’re much more than a numbers-cruncher.  I know I pay you every month, but this is just so much more.  I can’t even put a value on it.”  —Client

“Thank you so much!  Get rid of anything you can.  My bank account is smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland!”

--Money Management Client

We are very grateful for the time and effort [Janis] dedicates to her clients.  Her reports are both accurate and timely.  She provides impeccable documentation of the clients’ accounts and is always quick to respond to both phone calls and emails.

C.G. (Easter Seals of Delaware)

“On this Black Friday I give THANKS AND GRATITUDE to my financial team.  Without your advice I would most likely still be maintaining my monthly $6,000+ overage.  Shiver me Whithers!  Seriously, I thank my stars that you and [financial advisor] met ever so many years ago, and you took me on (tears and all) for life.  THANK YOU!

K. M. --client

There are only a handful of people who have the patience, intelligence, compassion, and determination to do your job. We are just very fortunate to have you helping us.

E.A. (sister of client)

If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have done ANYTHING, and [my accountant] would probably have to move in with me!


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