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Seniors have a range of skills, interests, needs, and stories. Our service is molded to fit.

Giving to the Grandchildren

Giving to the Grandkids Are you being wise with your resources? There are 70 million grandparents in our nation today, and their numbers are increasing twice as fast as other US household types1.  The average grandparent age is now just 48!  Grandparents control about 75% of the wealth in our county and spend $52 billion…

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Hurricanes, Charity and Scams

Hurricanes, Charity, and Scams The Best and the Worst Show Up We’ve all been watching the devastation of hurricane Matthew with concern for loved ones and empathy for all of those who have been affected.  Many of us will feel called to help in whatever way we can.  Such disasters bring out the best in…

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Travel Tips for the Prepared

Travel Tips for the Prepared Ways to Save Time and Money Having just done some travelling myself, I thought I would share with you some tips that you might not think about until a travel crisis occurs.  Thankfully, we didn’t experience any major problems but you can never be too prepared, especially when travelling abroad.…

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Where Did I Put My Glasses?

FROM NORMAL STRESS TO OVERWHELMED Even the most organized among us have been there.  You walk into a room, get distracted by something, and forget why you were there in the first place.  You put something aside in a ‘special place’, and then can’t find it later when you desperately need it.  It happens. But…

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Crossing the Senior Digital Divide

Crossing the Senior Digital Divide Imagine what your life would be like if you couldn’t use Google Maps to find your next appointment, instantly check the weather and be warned of impending storms, find a phone number, or locate a new doctor.  As quickly as the phone books are shrinking, new software solutions for everyday…

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