Take Control

Action Reduces Anxiety  (and Boredom)!

If you are not an ‘essential worker’, chances are you are doing your part to control the spread of COVID-19 by staying put. That is also a heroic act! So many people are helping in so many ways. Rather than bickering like a dysfunctional family, the world is even coming together to fight a common enemy. But I digress.

If you have found yourself cleaning out closets, organizing your garage or basement, or taking on any number of project that have long been put on the back burner, you are not alone.  During uncertain times, we gain a sense of control by managing our space.

By taking action, you feel a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.  It sure beats sitting on the sofa, getting depressed from watching TV!  Given my strong passion for planning and being organized, I came up with a few ideas for things you not just can, but should do, that will have a much longer-lasting benefit that cleaning out a closet!

  1. Get your estate planning done. Yes, attorney offices can deal with this now, today!
    If you don’t know an attorney, can’t afford one, or don’t know who to name as executor, trustee, financial or healthcare power of attorney, etc.–just call! We have resources for you.
  2. Put your assets in the right hands. Review your beneficiaries. Don’t just assume you did this. Verify it.
    Your attorney will tell you how to do this to best execute your estate plan. Your CPA & financial advisor can help you avoid taxes and implement your plan. The phones still work! No excuses!
    You can specify beneficiaries on accounts (person(s) or trust name). A will can direct assets but won’t keep them out of probate.
  3. Think about your send-off. This could make for an interesting family Zoom call!
    Life has changed. My Aunt’s funeral service is on hold. Are your final wishes in writing and are they what you would want under any circumstances?
  4. Clean up your passwords & accounts.
    This is a perfect time to get organized. Clean out the things that aren’t relevant. Start using a password vault or at least get passwords all in one place.
  5. Put it all in writing
    Your family is going to have a major struggle on their hands if you don’t have the information they will need to either ‘carry on’ or ‘clean up’ after you are gone.
    Free resource: Legacy Organizer ChecklistTM
  6. Communicate with loved ones
    This is so important! Too many people refuse to talk about their affairs with the very people who will need to step up and help when things get bad. Share your wishes! At least give them a way to find out how to access your goodies. I can give you some strategies for safety. See the ‘Conversation Project‘ resource on our web page.

As I said in a previous article, anxiety lowers immunity.  Planning & action lower anxiety. By taking control in these ways, you and your family will benefit for a very long time.

Now.  Imagine you have done all of this.  Don’t you feel better?

Senior man lying in hammock, smiling, close-up. No anxiety here!

Your health and peace of mind are worth every step of this journey.