Legacy of Love: Legacy Organizer & Executor Handbook

Legacy Organizer & Executor Handbook

The D.I.Y Option

Completing all the sections of your Legacy Organizer is an act of love. If you have never been through the process of settling an estate before, then you may not know some of the details that will be needed.

A Legacy of Love

Get the peace of mind you need now and know that if you were to become disabled, much of the information that someone else would need to step into your shoes, would be ready and accessible. Your wishes will be known when you do pass. The greatest benefit will be the legacy of love that you will give your children, spouse, or other heirs, and your executor. For them, it will be like having you there by their side, telling them everything they need to know.

If you have already been the beneficiary of a well-planned and documented estate, then you know very well how it feels to have a loved one hug you from beyond the grave. You know the importance of doing this for your children, spouse & heirs.

Because I have helped numerous clients with the burden of digging through paperwork and computer files to do the financial forensic work to process an estate, and to get their finances into a manageable system, I know what is needed. I know the details that you should be writing down for your loved ones. My clients who have suffered a loss all say,

“I wish I had known about you months [or years] ago, because this would have been so much easier.”


When you order your Legacy Organizer, you will also get:

  • A timed series of emails to coach you through each section of the Legacy Organizer & Executor Handbook™, with tips and explanations. They are spaced 1-2 weeks apart to help you take small bites and complete your organized legacy within 4-6 months.
  • A FREE private coaching/review call (after one year) if you finish within 6 months of purchase and complete a short survey.
  • Ongoing periodic reminders to review and update your work, because without that your efforts could become wasted.

Customize Your Binder

ORGANIZER: You can opt for a 2″ or 3″ loose-leaf notebook with over 50 pages of templates to fill out on over 15 areas of information. It allows you to insert copies of documents and to extend the length of any template by copying and inserting a new page (for your own use only). The notebook has tabbed sections to make locating information easy.

Your health and peace of mind are worth every step of this journey.