Hurricanes, Charity and Scams

Hurricanes, Charity, and Scams

The Best and the Worst Show Up

We’ve all been watching the devastation of hurricane Matthew with concern for loved ones and empathy for all of those who have been affected.  Many of us will feel called to help in whatever way we can.  Such disasters bring out the best in human nature.  Unfortunately, it will also bring out the worst.


Protecting Your Money From Scams

We have already seen stories on hotels and gas stations who have raised prices 10-fold in these areas, just to profit on the desperate.  It goes a lot further than local business practice.  After every disaster there are those who scam the unwary by preying on your desire to help; organizations that simply take your money and run.  Before you make a donation, ask a few questions.  Here are some places you can investigate the organization before pressing the GIVE NOW button:

Charity Navigator

Wise Giving Alliance (Better Business Bureau)


Charity Watch

The American Red Cross and U.M.C.O.R. are two reliable organizations that provide disaster relief in all kinds of situations.  If you give through a website, just be careful of spellings and logos to make sure you are donating to the legitimate organization and not some copycat site.  If you mail a check, verify the address online first.  Never donate to someone who contacts you by phone.

Your health and peace of mind are worth every step of this journey.