Seniors: How We Can Help

Are you having any of these issues?

  • Have you been misplacing important documents or bills, or being charged late fees?

  • Are you worried about being taken advantage of financially?

  • Do you need information or forms that are only available on the internet, but you struggle with ‘all things computer’?

Are you ready to have an advocate to check your thinking; to help you stay organized and on top of your affairs; someone to help you navigate medical claims, identify fraud, and assist with internet needs?

You keep control.  We handle the details.

BILL PAYING   We can prepare your checks for signature, stuff the envelope, & file the paperwork for you.  We can even mail it…on time.  We keep track of what’s due and when.  No worries!

BANKING   We reconcile your various statements and keep an eye out for errors and fraud.  You can get a reconciliation report that will match your bank statement.  No room for error!

MEDICAL   All those claims and Explanation of Benefit forms?  We match things up and make sure you don’t pay more than necessary.   Part ABCDEF…Z?  We can help sort the alphabet soup of Medicare as well.

TAX TIME   Once we help you get organized, tax time will be a breeze.  We will prepare your documents to give to your CPA…or help you find one.

Every client has different needs and these are just some of the main ones we help with.   Call us today for a free discovery meeting to discuss your specific needs and wishes.  We will work with you to come up with a plan.

REQUEST  a Free Needs Discovery Session.

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