You Need a Power of Attorney Agent

How Do You Choose an Impartial POA Agent You Can Trust?

Your Power of Attorney (POA) agent is someone who will make financial decisions for you in times of duress, whether it’s injury or illness. It can be difficult to know who to choose, but planning ahead can ease the stress of difficult situations. At Paper Tigress, we can provide an objective viewpoint from a professional outside the situation.

When do you need a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that appoints someone to make decisions for you if you become incapacitated due to injury, or illness. These decisions could cover anything from property to finances and medical care. Often people will appoint an adult child or relative as their POA, but you might need to hire a 3rd party if:


  • There are no descendants
  • Descendants exist but are not reliable
  • Assigning Power of Attorney to one or another will cause ill feelings within the family

Typical Power of Attorney Services

Bill Pay

Paying bills, including the ability to sign checks on your behalf.

Account Closure

Closing accounts that are not needed. Transferring deposits and payments for you.

Retirement Account Withdrawals

Determining and coordinating cash needs/draws from a retirement account with your advisor.

Stock Management

Selling/trading stock as needed for your benefit.



Signing prepared tax documents if you cannot do so.

Realtor Coordination

To work with a realtor to sell a property if that is needed.

What Makes a Good Power of Attorney

Choosing a POA can be overwhelming! It’s a lot of trust to put in someone’s hands. Here’s what Paper Tigress guarantees our clients:

  • Experience — Millions in assets managed.
  • Impartiality — No emotional baggage.
  • Patience — No one’s situation is easy. We can handle it.
  • Tech Savvy — High level of technical skills to navigate today’s environment.

Along with our credentials, our promise is confidentiality, sensitivity, calmness, fairness, and drastically reduced paperwork! Even if you won’t need a Power of Attorney for a long time yet, you can rest easy knowing that someone is there for any unforeseen emergencies.

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