Painless Charitable Giving

Whether you are a consistent, generous giver, or someone who would like to support organizations which speak to your heart, there are ways to boost your giving level without spending a dime. One of the easiest, and perhaps the most bang for “your buck” is Amazon Smile (can’t believe I’m plugging Amazon!).

If you signup, you select your charity of choice, and then Amazon tallies your spending and periodically sends .5% of the total to the charity you chose. You just shop the way you normally would but use the Smile login or app. If you work with a charity, let them know so they can promote themselves as an option to their supporters.

Many charities have shop & give options. Visit the websites of some of your favorites to see if there is an easy way to support them. Just don’t get carried away on the spending part!

Your health and peace of mind are worth every step of this journey.