Financially Stable and Stress-Free

That is our mission and goal for you. Paper Tigress works with our clients to help them create financial stability, relieve stress, and reduce certain risks in managing their personal finances and estates, so they can build or conserve their legacies.

Personal Finance Care You Can Trust

We know you’re extending us an incredible gift of trust when you bring us on to help organize your finances or personal paperwork. Paper Tigress adheres to the highest standards of service, as laid out by the American Association of Daily Money Managers. Learn more about how we maintain these standards in our industry’s Code of Ethics  and Standards of Practice,

“Life is very challenging for all of our clients.  I always strive to look for the silver linings and do my best to bring smiles to their faces and put their minds at ease.”

The Original Tigress Tale

Meet Paper Tigress Founder, Janis Harlow

After spending years in finance and technology, Janis has been helping clients manage their personal finances since 2014. Her patience, calmness, and caring bring reassurance to clients who want to grow or protect their financial legacies. Janis is background-checked semi-annually and is insured specifically as a Daily Money Manager and Fiduciary (Power of Attorney, Executor, Private Trustee, Representative Payee).