Organizing Your Affairs

for the Next Generation

Consider all the details of your life someone would have to know if something unexpected were to happen to you. From assets to birth certificate, from credit cards to keys, does it concern you that your spouse, children or executor might not easily find everything; that they would have to spend a lot of time and effort to manage or settle your affairs?

Planning for your own end of life can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming. It’s difficult to know for sure that you’ve covered everything a family would need to know and it’s difficult to know how your loss will impact your loved ones. But you don’t have to tackle this monumental task on your own!

Why You Should Create a Legacy of LoveTM

Ask yourself, “How can I make my passing as easy as possible for my family?” That’s what our Legacy of Love program is designed to do. Save your family time, stress, and money after you are gone. Imagine:


  • Everything documented in one place
  • No missing assets for your heirs to be concerned about
  • No current obligations left hanging (People, pets, businesses)
  • Reduced stress for your family at a time of grief
  • Smoother estate processing; reduced costs
  • Support to do what is needed for legal and financial protection
  • Tells your family what you want them to know, when you are ready
  • Reminders for you to update your living document regularly

Program Options



The basic program gives you access to the tools and templates you need to get your affairs in order now and helps you keep everything up to date!

Webinar Series

In this webinar series you will be able to learn directly from experts in the fields of legal, financial, and funeral services and apply these lessons as you fill out the workbook on your own.

Coming Soon!

Personal Coach

With the Organized Legacy Service, you will receive one-on-one time with a coach who will walk you through each necessary step in the workbook and hold you accountable for meeting the goals you set for yourself.

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Think You Might Already Have Your Estate Documented?

Download our free checklist and find out! The Paper Tigress Legacy Organizer ChecklistTM lists the basic requirements of a well-documented estate so you can see what you’re missing or pat yourself on the back if you’ve already planned for it all.