Meet Deborah.

Deborah is in her 50’s and is unable to walk.  Her hands are not always as functional as she would like them to be.  She has MS (multiple sclerosis).  Deborah has a difficult time opening her mail, retrieving paperwork, and filing.  She recently spent a long time in the hospital and fell behind on many of her bills.  She lives alone and has no one she can depend one to help her.  Deborah’s home care agency referred Janis, the Paper Tigress, to help her reduce her debt and get assistance with paperwork.  Deb made the call.

The Low Point

When Paper Tigress joined Deborah’s support team, she had a very large box of unopened mail, sitting in plain view, causing her stress.  The contents dated back almost 9 months.  She was getting letters from at least 3 collection agencies, and her credit rating was below 650.  She said that it was difficult for her to even find the energy to make any progress.  She was feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Turning the Tide

Janis has visited Deborah 9 times.  The first step was to open all the mail and whittle the big box down to about 125 bills, mostly medical.  Janis sorted them by company and date to find the most recent statement from each company or agency.  She brought in file folders and created a system for retaining documents needed for other purposes.  Just getting the pile down inspired Deb to make some calls and pay off some of the small balances.  She began to feel more in control.

“I feel really good about how much we have gotten done today!”


As Deb paid off some of her creditors, the volume of mail slowed as well.  Next they worked together to create a picture of Deb’s income and expenses.  The purpose of this step was to see how quickly Deb could begin to pay down her remaining debt.  Just having a plan in place put her back in the driver’s seat!  She can pay off some of her debt and then use the money she frees up to pay the bigger balances.


At this point, Deb has reduced her debt by almost 40%.  She still has ongoing medical expenses to cover, but she will be able to get her backlog under control.  Paper Tigress, continues to help her with organizing, decision-making, and tracking her financial progress.  Having Paper Tigress on her team will protect her from falling behind again, even if she has another hospitalization!

“I don’t think I could ever have done this without you.”

Is This You?

Are you or someone you love struggling to stay above water due to a disability?  Are you behind on paying bills or maybe just feeling stress because you are unable to get organized?

Would you like to gain control again and reduce your stress level?


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