Busy Professionals: Take it off your plate

Overwhelmed by paperwork and financial chores?  Falling behind on bill paying?

Looking for someone trustworthy to help?

You may be a busy professional, frequent traveler, single parent, or just lead a very busy life.

Sometimes life gets in the way of managing your personal affairs and your money.  Perhaps you struggle with ADD or other challenges.  Maybe you feel you never had a good financial education and are not comfortable with making decisions that affect your lifestyle and your future.    Let’s face it, most of us are not taught this in school!  Having a good income is no guarantee that you are doing all you can to leverage and protect what you have.

Our 6-Step Tame Your Financial Tiger™ System will help you:


Is paperwork getting on your last nerve?

  • Save money by reducing interest costs, and avoiding late fees & penalties
  • Save an average of 2-4 hours per week
  • Reduce your financial stress level
  • Understand your financial picture
  • Get a system in place that makes it all easier

Even if you simply don’t enjoy the job of keeping things organized, we can help you avoid some of the stress.  We confidentially take care of bill payment, filing, bank reconciliation, and can coordinate with other professionals such as your CPA.  If budgeting is an issue, we have a Financial Weight Loss plan for you, to help you get ahead.  We have reduced client debt by up to 40% in one year!  Each month, you will receive a report on your financial status.  You will know how you are spending your money and will be able to target ways to save.  The service we provide is completely customized to your needs.

Remote Service/Virtual Meetings

If you are located outside of our service area, we can still help you through the use of technology.  If you can scan, email, and access online storage then we can help relieve you of the burden and stress of daily money management regardless of where you live!


Paper Tigress Personal Finance Care, LLC is insured by Lloyds of London, and ethically bound and guided by the American Association of Daily Money Mangers (AADMM).  You can trust us to handle your personal affairs.

We give you more time, and less stress.  Call us at (484) 727-8444 or (302) 729-3667.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to get your financial life in order?

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