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Credit Card Offers: How to Play and WIN!

Should I accept this credit card offer? A client recently asked me to help her decide which credit cards offers were worth pursuing.  We had an off-hand discussion about it, but her question got me thinking.  I thought I would share my credit card philosophy with my readers.  With the tightening of credit after the…

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What If I Died?

What If I Died? Using a Daily Money Manager to Plan Like There’s No Tomorrow   Sixty percent of Americans have not done any estate planning.  If you have ever been or talked to the executor of a poorly planned, undocumented estate, then you know that this is not what you want to do to…

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Travel Tips for the Prepared

Travel Tips for the Prepared Ways to Save Time and Money Having just done some travelling myself, I thought I would share with you some tips that you might not think about until a travel crisis occurs.  Thankfully, we didn’t experience any major problems but you can never be too prepared, especially when travelling abroad.…

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Where Did I Put My Glasses?

FROM NORMAL STRESS TO OVERWHELMED Even the most organized among us have been there.  You walk into a room, get distracted by something, and forget why you were there in the first place.  You put something aside in a ‘special place’, and then can’t find it later when you desperately need it.  It happens. But…

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Medicare Fraud Prevention: It’s up to YOU

Medicare has lost billions of dollars due to fraud at all levels.  Medicaid expenditures total $415 billion annually, and Medicare pays out $600 billion a year.  According to The Economist, about $98 billion of it represents fraudulent payments.  Want to know how to help stem the tide that ultimately flows from all of our pockets…

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Put Your Tax Refund on Steroids!

So you’re getting a tax refund.  Maybe you are already thinking about all the ways you can spend it.  The problem is, many people spend it several times before it even gets in their hands, and then where are they?  Deeper in debt and overcome by stress. Before you spend this year’s refund, take a…

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The 3 P’s of Financial Fitness

The 3 P’s of Financial Fitness February is Heart Month.  My husband and I joined a local gym.  I’ve decided that it wasn’t procrastination on a New Year’s resolution, it was a month of planning and committing, and it seems very appropriate to begin in February to recondition my heart, to improve my well-being.  I…

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senior digital divide_325

Crossing the Senior Digital Divide

Crossing the Senior Digital Divide Imagine what your life would be like if you couldn’t use Google Maps to find your next appointment, instantly check the weather and be warned of impending storms, find a phone number, or locate a new doctor.  As quickly as the phone books are shrinking, new software solutions for everyday…

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The Top 5 Documents for Life Control

If you are not prone to planning ahead, this could be your wake-up call. James, age 38, went around a corner on his motor cycle, was struck by another vehicle, and landed in the hospital with brain trauma. Sarah, age 52, was out with a friend and suffered an aneurism, which left her paralyzed on…

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Plan for the future.

Financial Adviser? For Me?

I thought October would be a good time to talk about financial planning.  As a daily money manager, this is one of the topics I review with my clients.  I have found that there is a lot of confusion out there about what financial planning involves and what the costs are.  As someone who has worked…

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Is Online Banking Safe?

  I love to respond to reader questions, and this is one I hear a lot!  In these days where even unthinkable places get hacked, is it really safe to bank online? First of all, if you are going to do any form of banking online, recognize that YOU might be the weakest link.  One…

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Financial Travel Tips

Not that I have become a travel agent, but financially speaking, there are some things to consider if you plan to travel this summer, or at any time.  Losing things, or having to cancel a trip suddenly, are no fun at all, plus you stand to lose money as well, which can really send your…

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Digital Estate:  Money for Nothing?

Those of us who are planners go to some length to set up wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our assets for a time of disability or death.  In our increasingly online society, we also need to consider what happens to a variety of assets…

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