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From overwhelmed to overjoyed, we’ll work with you to tame the paperwork jungle and provide reassurance that your finances are handled, stable, and protected. It’s no exaggeration when our clients tell us their blood pressure drops immediately after working with us!

Picture your life with more time and less financial & paperwork stress.

Has managing personal finances become overwhelming?

We offer personal finance care services like Daily Money Management.

Keeping Up with Bills

You may be a business owner, career-driven professional, frequent traveler, single parent, or maybe you’re looking to retire and relax! No matter your situation, life is too short for paperwork and you’ve worked too hard to waste time and money on late fees, figuring out a million different payment portals, or sorting scams from actual bills. Let us handle the busy work so you can spend time on what truly matters!

Caring for Loved Ones

There is nothing harder than watching a loved one lose mobility and independence. But there’s an alternative that doesn’t involve your aging parent having their water shut off OR you spending hours with them every month to sort through bills. Let us do the paperwork and keep their finances up to date so you can spend your precious time together WITH the one you love, not with their bills!

Families in Transition

Are you or a loved one facing a change in lifestyle? Whether it’s a death in the family, divorce, or even inheritance, life changes are among the most stressful times in our lives. Let us help calm the waters and connect you with the different resources you need to navigate your current situation!

Planning for an uncertain future?

It might be time to find someone to help you organize for or execute a will.

Legacy Organizing

The last time anyone wants to sort through a mess of paperwork is while they’re grieving a loved one. And yet, so few of us take the time to document our finances and create instructions to make it easy for our survivors to take over in the event of illness or loss. Work with us to create a Legacy of Love that provides simple, easy instructions for all the details not covered in a will!

Executor Services

Being named executor in someone’s will is both an honor and a curse, so it’s not surprising that might have mixed feelings about doing the job. Carrying out a loved one’s wishes can be stressful, confusing, and sometimes emotionally distressing. We can work with you to lay out the tasks included with being an executor and, if you need more assistance, we can also do it for you. Believe it or not, you do not HAVE to be the executor and we’re here to support you in whatever way helps most!

Power of Attorney

Have you been wrestling with the decision of who to appoint to act in your shoes, in your best interest, if something happens to you? If you don’t have that ideal younger family member who is detail-oriented, lives nearby, has good common sense and financial skills, and is trustworthy, look no further! We can be trusted to do the job right.

Why Work with Paper Tigress for your personal finance care?

We understand that no one comes to us when their lives are perfect. Which is why we NEVER judge you. We have the financial knowledge and tech skills to help you navigate your current situation calmly and efficiently. We also deeply appreciate the level of trust that our clients place in us, which is why we conduct background checks on our staff and adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice laid out by the American Association of Daily Money Managers. Our mission is to create financial stability for you by reducing financial risk factors, protecting assets, and conserving legacies through personal finance care.

What Our Clients Say

I have known Janis for a number of years. We attend the same church, so I have observed her as she has been involved in various volunteer church activities. She did an especially outstanding job in her time as Financial Secretary of the church. Janis is very conscientious and diligent in whatever she is doing and is a very hard worker. Her character is beyond reproach. I believe that she would strive to do the very best she could, applying the highest moral and ethical standards, for every client that she works with.  –T.B., Finance Committee

“You really have made my life livable.  You’re much more than a numbers-cruncher.  I know I pay you every month, but this is just so much more.  I can’t even put a value on it.”  —Client

“Also, I want you to know that I appreciate very much your having [client] as one of your clients. I am sure her case is perhaps more of a challenge than some of your other customers. This is a rough period for her especially since I am away for the winter. However, your interest and guidance mean a great deal to her and especially to me.”  —B.L., POA

We are very grateful for the time and effort [Janis] dedicates to her clients.  Her reports are both accurate and timely.  She provides impeccable documentation of the clients’ accounts and is always quick to respond to both phone calls and emails.

C.G. (Easter Seals of Delaware)

There are only a handful of people who have the patience, intelligence, compassion, and determination to do your job. We are just very fortunate to have you helping us.

E.A. (sister of client)

“Thank you so much!  Get rid of anything you can.  My bank account is smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland!”

--Money Management Client

Many thanks for your help w/ the tax information for [client]. The return will be filed on time and there is no balance due!!!!!

Client’s CPA

“On this Black Friday I give THANKS AND GRATITUDE to my financial team.  Without your advice I would most likely still be maintaining my monthly $6,000+ overage.  Shiver me Whithers!  Seriously, I thank my stars that you and [financial advisor] met ever so many years ago, and you took me on (tears and all) for life.  THANK YOU!

K. M. --client

If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have done ANYTHING, and [my accountant] would probably have to move in with me!


“Thanks, Janis. I’m already breathing easier …”

Joan N.

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