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Managing Everyday Finances (Daily Money Management)

Whether you are hampered by lack of time, or a disability, or just need help taming your paper tiger, these are some of the ways our services can help:

  • BILL PAYING & SORTING MAIL.  Organize bills for payment, make out checks for signature, fill out any forms, prepare & mail bills on time.  Dispute incorrect bills.
  • BANKING.  Reconcile statements, prepare & deliver deposits.
  • ORGANIZATION & FILING.  Set up systems for managing paperwork.  Organize stacks of papers.  Dispose of unneeded items securely.  Educate on what to keep and what to save.
  • BUDGETING & DEBT STRATEGIES.  Understand your spending habits.  Get a better picture.  Make a plan to eliminate debt, yes, ELIMINATE!
  • FRAUD & SCAM PREVENTION.  Reduction of junk mail.  Education about phone, email & internet scams.  Check credit reports.  Monitor bank and credit card accounts.
  • TAX READINESS.  Organization of documents and receipts prior to tax preparation.  Organized filing of tax paperwork.  Payment of tax bills with proper forms.
  • MEDICAL.  Filing & monitoring medical claims.  Advocate when errors occur.  Assist with filing claims and with entitlement programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • PROFESSIONALS.  Coordination with your CPA, lawyer, financial advisor and others.  Provide referral choices for any services you may need.
  • POWER OF ATTORNEY.  Trustworthy agent services to act as fiduciary on your behalf.  For those who travel or have no one else to act for them in the event of illness or disability.  Hands-on assistance for executors.

Client needs vary greatly.  Call us at (484) 727-8444  or (302) 729-3667 to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you.