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The Best Game Plan Ever!

  Best Game Plan Ever! Lessons from the Super Bowl Lii Champs The EAGLES won the Super Bowl!  The Eagles WON the Super Bowl!  I’m still pinching myself.  We’ve been to the brink so many times, only to be left bereft.  This time it happened!  They had a game plan. I’m no football analyst, but…

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Walk Away from Stress

Keep Stress from Sabotaging Your Productivity Last week I attended the AADMM (American Association of Daily Money Management) Annual Conference and came back to work with an incredible list of things that I need to implement in my business.  As I was going through my notes and making a list of action items, I began…

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Giving to the Grandchildren

Giving to the Grandkids Are you being wise with your resources? There are 70 million grandparents in our nation today, and their numbers are increasing twice as fast as other US household types1.  The average grandparent age is now just 48!  Grandparents control about 75% of the wealth in our county and spend $52 billion…

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Suddenly a Caregiver

Suddenly a Caregiver: Recognize the effect on you You never know when it is going to happen.  Sometimes it creeps up on you.  Other times, it happens in a flash.  A family member, who was doing fine on their own, now needs your help.  It might be just for little things, but more often it…

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Inherited Money: Blessing or Curse?

INHERITED MONEY… How would you feel about a sudden windfall? Most people think that they would be delighted to inherit a pile of money…wouldn’t you?  An unexpected increase in your assets could go a long way toward paying off debts, taking a vacation, and generally raising your standard of living. When you process it a…

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Beneficiary Bonanza?

Unless you keep your beneficiary information updated, the bonanza might go to the wrong person! I am constantly hearing horrific stories of assets not flowing as intended by the deceased, so pay attention.  If you have named beneficiaries, and then experienced a ‘life event’, there could be big surprises down the road. To put it…

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Hurricanes, Charity and Scams

Hurricanes, Charity, and Scams The Best and the Worst Show Up We’ve all been watching the devastation of hurricane Matthew with concern for loved ones and empathy for all of those who have been affected.  Many of us will feel called to help in whatever way we can.  Such disasters bring out the best in…

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Credit Card Offers: How to Play and WIN!

Should I accept this credit card offer? A client recently asked me to help her decide which credit cards offers were worth pursuing.  We had an off-hand discussion about it, but her question got me thinking.  I thought I would share my credit card philosophy with my readers.  With the tightening of credit after the…

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What If I Died?

What If I Died? Using a Daily Money Manager to Plan Like There’s No Tomorrow   Sixty percent of Americans have not done any estate planning.  If you have ever been or talked to the executor of a poorly planned, undocumented estate, then you know that this is not what you want to do to…

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